Labels PICS supply high quality labels in various materials to suit your needs or application. We manufacture to order and keep a few popular sizes on hand. We also do in house label printing or pre printing for clients who don't own a printer There are new label materials being developed and tested all the time. Some prove to be very useful for specific applications. Below is a list of some of the more common types you will find. Direct Thermal (No ribbon required ) Paper based thermal transfer range ( Ribbons required ) Poly Propylene ( Ribbons required ) Polyester ( Ribbons required ) Metallic Foils. ( Ribbons required ) Iron on ( Clothing Labels special Ribbons required ) Aluminium Tags. ( Asset Tags manufactured ) Tag Stock/Ticket labels in card or plastic Coloured or dyed labels also available. If you are looking for labels or want to find out more give us a call. Blank Label & Tag Supplies & Printing Bureau Labels, Ribbons, Label printers, Barcode readers, Mobile HHC’s, Wifi, Services and more  Labels can be made from different materials and can be supplied in various formats, shapes, colours and roll sizes to suit the application and conditions. For this reason labels are manufactured to order Small Labels Large Labels Multiple to View Larger Label rolls and ribbon for Higher media capacity Industrial label Printers Smaller Label rolls and ribbon for smaller capacity low volume Desktop label printers Choose from a range of different sizes, colours and shapes of blank labels. Pre-printed options are available in black and white or colour. Continuous Format Size and Capacity Range and Options Media Sensing type Gap or Black Mark Continuous No sensing