The use of labels or tags have been around since ancient times. Back then one would paint the information directly on the item or tie a piece of baked Clay tablet, leather, wood or paper and written on it whatever information was needed. The need for products to be identifiable so they can be managed required an affordable solution and labels and tags naturally met that requirement. Hands did the label printing and eyes did the scanning. The concept has not change in all this time however modern technology has given the humble label so much power. The invention of the sticky paper label, barcodes, label printers and scanners enabled us to manage the information with our digital world so much easier, faster and in greater volumes than ever before. Labels are everywhere we look. We simply cant avoid them. These days. Our Shops and warehouses can’t function without them. In fact we often can’t distribute and sell our goods without them. It has become a required standard. At the heart of it all is the Label Printer. There are Label Printers to fit every need or requirement. Traditionally the mono chrome thermal label printer has been the primary tool for producing  sticky labels. A growing market is with the new colour and RFID label printing technology not forgetting that laser marking has found a niche. Give us a call we will help you make the right choice of label printer.
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