Ribbons come in various basic categorys of ink such as ;- Wax, Wax Resin and Resin. A sub range of formulations is available in each category catering for different physical requirements and applications. Some are engineered for a very specific purpose. Making the right choice will impact the level of print quality and application suitability. There are ribbons for Desktop Label printers that use a smaller 12mm core with a key slot and ones for industrial label printers that use a 25mm core. Ribbons can be purchased in various standard lengths and widths. Narrower widths can be Centre justified or left hand justified. The ink side of the ribbon can be ordered wound on the inside or on the outside often refered to as Wax in or Wax out. Choosing the right ribbon can make all the difference when it comes to print quality, durability and economy. Although most ribbon types will print on most of the different media types, some just suit the application and do it better than others. Each of the different formulations have characteristics that can be taken advantage of and if used correctly will produce great results. Thermal Ribbons Labels, Ribbons, Label printers, Barcode readers, Mobile HHC’s, Wifi, Services and more  Standard Wax Wax Resin Blends Premium Wax Blends For general purpose printing on absorbent paper label materials. MORE: For general purpose printing on absorbent paper label materials. Where better smudge and scuff resistance is required MORE: MORE: Resin Ribbons MORE: Extra long life High durability and specialised applications. Best for applications on plastic type labels where High UV, Smudge,Scratch,Scuff, Wash, Chemical and temperature resistance is required Often refered to as a multi-purpose product, wax resin ribbon will print on just about any label media type although is more suited to plastic type labels. It is best for applications where medium/High Smudge, Scuff and medium wash chemical resistance is required. Thermal Transfer Ribbons Pics supply a range of high quality ribbons compatible with most Popular brands of label printers. From Waxes to Resins we have the formulations you need to print on your typical industry standard label material types. Give us a call and we will gladly help you select the correct product for your printing needs. Wax Ribbon: For general purpose paper type labels Premium Wax: Smudge resistant general purpose paper type labels. Wax Resin: Durable Multi-purpose paper and plastic type labels Resin Ribbon: High Durablility harsh environment plastic type labels Wash Care: For washable clothing labels. Colour Ribbon: Red, Blue, Yellow, for mono colour label printing. Hot Stamp Foil Ribbon: For industrial hot stamp labeling machines.                                           Ribbons are available on 12mm cores for desktop label machines and in 25mm core sizes for industrial label machines and some high performance desktop label printers. The wax ink coating on the ribbon is applied either facing outwards or wound facing inwards often refered to as WO,EXT, or WI,INT. Desktops use WO ribbon only. Some Industrial machines especially older models can also be specific to either WO or WI so be careful. Today most modern industrial machines can use both types of wound ribbon. Ribbons are generally supplied in various mm widths and set M legnths. For example: Desktops will generally use common sizes such as. 12mm core W110mm X L70M or L91M wound out ribbon.  Industrial Label machines are a bit more flexible so depending on the ribbon media specification of the machine one would be using typical sizes such as:- 25mm core W104mm or W110mm, L155M/300M/360M/450M wound out or in. There are narrower widths available too For more info on available ribbons please contact us and we will willingly assist you.     Available Ribbon types: