Barcode Scanners and Readers Barcode readers are used to decode the data encoded in barcodes that are usually printed on labels or directly onto products. This data is used by computing devices that run applications processing the data to for-fill some function or purpose. Barcode scanning technology has come a long way since the first pen styled optical contact type barcode readers. They required a bit of skill to get the angle of the pen and the speed of the swipe across the barcode just right. Thankfully today Barcode readers are ergonomically designed, technically powerful and versatile. They can read many different barcode types and some at quite a distance too. Today there are three basic technology types and they are Laser, CCD and Imager. The laser scanner uses a red laser beam which it sweeps back and fourth over the barcode to read it. They are usually restricted to 1D barcodes but have an advantage that they can scan Barcodes from far greater distances than the CCD or imager scanners. Some Long range laser scanners can easily scan barcodes from 10M or more away. These scanners are very useful in warehousing where scanning at a distance is often needed. The CCD barcode scanner has a limited scanning range and are usually only 1D scanners. They are generally used for close scanning applications. CCD scanners are usually very affordable, reliable with no moving parts and this makes them very popular. They are ideal for most general applications. The Imager Barcode scanners are the newer boys on the block they use hi resolution camera technology and can scan 1D & 2D barcodes, some will even take pictures.  Imagers have a better scanning range than the CCD scanners. Some even employ technology that will give you a better chance of  reading bad or damaged barcode labels. 2D barcodes are compact and can contain far more information this feature is quite desirable so they are becoming more widely used and are growing in popularity. Browse our Product Gallery to get an Idea of some of the available devices. If you need more information on any of the devices you are very welcome to contact us via telephone or Email.   Labels, Ribbons, Label printers, Barcode readers, Mobile HHC’s, Wifi, Services and more